How are prints returned?

Prints will be returned in suitable packaging to New Zealand addresses only, except by prior arrangement and payment of the extra costs involved.

We define "suitable packaging" as a box or case that can have prints inside with minimal extra protection, that can be handed to the couriers with no external wrapping except possibly for sticky tape to hold it shut, and to which we can attach a sticky label with the return address.

Brown cardboard boxes can be bought for $12.00 plus postage ($5.50 to Auckland) from:

Print Art, 1 Parkhead Place, Rosedale,, 09 4156659

More substantial printcases can be bought for $75 plus postage (NI - $8.50, SI - $13.20) from:

LH or JN Barrett, email:

These are heavy-duty fluteboard cases to hold 15 to 18 16x20" prints with side packing strips included.  Expandable lid, water-resistant un-tearable fabric with re-inforced edges, squeeze-release strap catches and a slot for address card.