Questions relating to the Catalogue

Can I buy extra copies of the Salon Catalogue?

  • Catalogues are for Salon Entrants only, and are NOT for general sale.  
  • When you enter, you may order up to 10 catalogues at the price of $NZ43 for the first, and $NZ38 for each extra copy.  
  • Salon entrants who ordered at least one, but less than the maximum allowed can order more copies at $NZ38 whilst the catalogue is being prepared.   You can order more copies after the initial distribution, but at extra cost.
  • Please note that you may give the catalogues away, but they are NOT to be sold.

Why should I buy a catalogue?

The catalogue is a high quality book containing copies of all the photographs accepted into the Salon.   It represents a snapshot of the "state of the art" in New Zealand, and will be a source of inspiration for the future.

Before the 2013 Salon, the catalogue was heavily subsidised by sponsorship, and each entrant received one copy.   In 2013 we are changing the system so as to reduce our dependance on sponsorship, and to avoid situations such as where an entrant in only one category paid an entry fee less than the cost of the catalogue, or where a married couple received two copies, where only one was needed.   We are selling the catalogue at cost price.

We are quite sure you will not regret your purchase.

Must I buy a Catalogue?

No, it is not mandatory.   However, we earnestly recommend that you do order one.   The catalogue is a high-quality book which we are selling at cost price, and that price depends on the quantity we order.   Orders placed after the initial delivery can be fulfilled, but at a substantially higher price.

What are the specifications for images for the catalogue?

For print entries, there are no special requirements, apart from being a jpeg file.   The winning images will be printed at about 17 or 18 cms on the longest size, so a file of 2500 pixels on the longest side will give superb results, and 1440 is perfectly adequate.   Images larger than that will be downsized anyway, so there is no point in submitting any more pixels than that.   If you have an eight megapixel camera, or your cropped image is less than 8 megapixels, just upload it with no more consideration.   Images larger than that should be resized.

For digital entries, the image as judged will be used for the catalogue.

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