Frequently Asked Questions - Website Operation

Questions relating to the operation of the Entry System

The Login screen has a Forgot? button. If you click on that with nothing entered in the userid and password fields, the system will ask you for your email address, and send an email to there with a list of all the userids registered to that email address.   If you click the Forgot? button having entered your userid, the system will (after checking with you) change your password to some random data and email you the result.

Yes.  Although we prefer you to operate the on-line system yourself, if this is impossible for you, please contact us and we will operate the system on your behalf.  

Yes - we don't disclose any of your personal information to anyone.

We have built into our system a number of very secure checks and are absolutely confident that your photos and information are secure. By uploading your images online you will also avoid the possibility of your CD going astray.

No. We do not give your details to anybody else without your permission, and will only contact you regarding Salon matters.

Our server sent out a confirmation email immediately.   Check you typed your email address correctly.   Some ISPs (including Xtra/Yahoo) hold back emails from new contacts the first time, as a method for stopping spam.   The idea is that a spammer will not retry, whereas a genuine contact will.   Our system will keep retrying for a couple of days before giving up.  Please allow your server to wait an hour.   If you have not received confirmation after this time please check your spam folder. If there is still no confirmation after 24 hours, please contact us by telephone.

You can make changes at any time, up until you have printed the "Entry form for final submission" No changes can be made by you after that point, so be sure that you are completely happy before this final step.   To change an image you already uploaded, you have to delete the entry and start again with that image.  Other images remain unaffected.

Because we have printed labels to attach to your prints etc., and would not be aware of changes made by you.   Changes can still be made, but we need to alter paper as well as computer records.  Just contact us for help.

Yes.  You can change it at any time, and to any word or phrase.