Frequently Asked Questions - General

General Salon questions

Yes, provided your image has not previously been awarded an acceptance or better in the North Shore Salon.

  • If you are a first time entrant, firstly you need to create an account. Click on the "Create an account" link under the login panel at the right of the screen.  You will need to fill in your details, and submit the form.   An email will be sent to you with further instructions.
  • If you have entered previously, you already have an account.   If you have forgotten your username or password, you can retrieve them by clicking on the "forgotten password" link.   And if you have forgotten your username AND changed your email address, just create a new account and we will sort it out later.
  • Once logged in, you will see a new menu item "Entry Form".   Select that menu item to be presented with the Salon Terms and Conditions.
  • When you have accepted the terms, you will be shown a form where you can input the details of the images you want to enter.
  • You can revisit the entry form as often as you like, although you only need to agree to the T&C once.  The system remembers where you got to, and allows changes, deletions and additions.
  • When you have entered all your titles and uploaded all your images, "Finalise" your entry by clicking on the link provided, and don't forget to send your prints and entry fee to the Entry Co-ordinator as specified on the entry form and conditions of entry.


19 Beauvoir Ave, Matakatia Bay, Whangaparaoa

Prints will be returned in suitable packaging to New Zealand addresses only, except by prior arrangement and payment of the extra costs involved.

We define "suitable packaging" as a box or case that can have prints inside with minimal extra protection, that can be handed to the couriers with no external wrapping except possibly for sticky tape to hold it shut, and to which we can attach a sticky label with the return address.

Brown cardboard boxes can be bought for $12.00 plus postage ($5.50 to Auckland) from:

Print Art, 1 Parkhead Place, Rosedale,, 09 4156659

More substantial printcases can be bought for $75 plus postage (NI - $8.50, SI - $13.20) from:

LH or JN Barrett, email:

These are heavy-duty fluteboard cases to hold 15 to 18 16x20" prints with side packing strips included.  Expandable lid, water-resistant un-tearable fabric with re-inforced edges, squeeze-release strap catches and a slot for address card.


There are six judges on the panel.   For 2018 the judges are:

  • Charles Cooper
  • Eva Polak
  • Judy Stokes APSNZ
  • Lynn Clayton APSNZ
  • Matt Ellwood
  • Tanya Blong

Results will be published on our website on or before 27th May.

In addition to the trophies and medals, award recipients receive national publication of their images in a number of New Zealand photography magazines including PSNZ Camera Talk and the Salon's Yearly Catalogue.

Digital copies play NO part in the judging process for prints, but we will need digital copies of your images for publication purposes if you win awards. Although you may send these on a CD with your prints, you would be better doing it online. That way you are in full control and your digital copies are secure. If you send us a CD, we will simply upload them in the same way for you.

You can change all your personal details yourself on-line at any time, up until you have printed the "Entry form for final submission" No changes can be made by you after this point, so if you need to change your contact details after that, please let us know as soon as possible by email to Salon Secretary.

All awarded images will be exhibited to the public at Mairangi Bay Arts Centre between 5th and 18th Jun 2018   They will also be shown on the Salon's website.
No, we will take no more entries after 11 pm on the 20th May 2018
The Salon will present awards on the evening of 5th Jun 2018 at Mairangi Bay Arts Centre.  If you are unable to attend that event, your awards will be forwarded to you after 24th August.
Prints will be returned to you together with your catalogue and certificates after 24th August.