North Shore Salon Terms and Conditions of Entry


  • Entrants must have appropriate rights and permission relating to the subject matter of their entries.
  • Entries must originate as one or more photographs made by the entrant.  Images may consist of several layers, but each non-adjustment layer must contain only images originally captured by the entrant using a camera of some kind.
  • Images may be modified by the entrant using editing software. Any modification of the image must be made by the entrant or under their personal direction.
  • Electronically generated patterns (e.g., fractals) are not permitted.
  • Any image that has been awarded an acceptance or better in a previous North Shore Salon is ineligible.
  • An image may be entered into only one category.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, images by the same author that differ only slightly from one another, or differ only by computer treatment (e.g. colour vs. monochrome), or variations of a crop (where the point of interest is the same) will be regarded for these terms and conditions as being the same image.
  • Only one image in a set should be entered.  If it becomes clear during judging that images from the same photographer form part of a set (even if entered in different categories) the judges will select the one they consider has the most merit, and the other images in the supposed set will be deemed ineligible for award.
  • The Salon committee reserves the right to disqualify any entry it deems unsuitable to the nature of the Salon.
  • North Shore Salon reserves the right to decline images that have not been submitted correctly.


  • Entry fee is NZ$5.00 plus a further NZ$5.00 for each image entered.
  • We encourage you to also purchase the printed catalogue at the cost price of $43.00.  Catalogues will be sent to New Zealand addresses only, except by prior arrangement and payment of the extra costs involved.
  • We prefer payment by internet banking to the Salon's account No. 03 1510 0017915 00.  Use your surname and your entrant number (from top right, of the entry form, page 1) as a reference.
  • Payment by cheque or cash is permissable, and must be attached to a printed copy of the entry form and forwarded to: North Shore National Salon of Photography, 19 Beauvoir Ave, Matakatia Bay, Whangaparaoa 0930.
  • Over-the-counter bank deposits can not be accommodated.
  • Entries shall not be allowed if proof of payment in full has not been received prior to midnight on the Salon Closing Date for Entries.


The North Shore Salon has eight categories, 4 each for prints and digital images.

You may enter up to 4 images in each category/section, for a maximum entry of 32 images.

All print images must comply with the following requirements:

  • Must be mounted on firm backing ready for exhibition and attached to the mount securely so that the print cannot become separated.
  • Prints must not be mounted on hardboard or any heavy material which prevents the use of Velcro for hanging.
  • No framed or glass-mounted prints will be accepted.    If a mat is used, it must be firmly fixed to the backing, not just hinged at the top.
  • Minimum size of mat/mount 25cm x 30cm. (10in x 12in)
  • Maximum size of mat/mount 40cm x 50cm. (16in x 20in)
  • Maximum overall thickness is 1.25cm and must be able to be stacked without damage to other prints.
  • Each print must be clearly marked with the title (optional), entrant's name and address, and be numbered to correspond with the entry form (e.g., 3c).
  • Prints should be sent (with a printed copy of the entry form or some other identifying documentation) to: North Shore National Salon of Photography, 19 Beauvoir Ave, Matakatia Bay, Whangaparaoa 0930.




  • It is the entrant's responsibility to ensure that the packaging is adequate to protect entries.
  • Ideally, prints should be sent in a container that it is suitable for reuse by the Salon for the return of entries.  Please see this FAQ for examples.
  • Alternatively, if you prefer to send your prints well-wrapped in disposable packaging, we can provide a suitable box for the return at cost price.

  • Prints will only be returned in a box or hard case.  If such a case is not supplied or purchased, the prints will be held for two months after judging day, and then destroyed.

  • Do not use sticky tape inside the package.  It will probably stick to the print on unpacking, and we will not take responsibility for any damage thus occasioned.

  • Prints will be returned to New Zealand addresses only, except by prior arrangement and payment of the extra costs involved.

All digital images must comply with the following requirements:

  • Images must be uploaded via the website.
  • Images will be displayed on a calibrated HD TV, at a maximum resolution of 1620px horizontal and 1080px vertical, against a black background.
  • All files must be in JPEG format.



  • Copyright to entries remains at all times with you (the entrant).
  • You (the entrant) hereby grant the right to reproduce entries for publicity or other purposes related to the North Shore National Salon of Photography (including the right to use a low-resolution image of entries on the Salon website and to publish your entries in the Catalogue).
  • We will not divulge any of your personal details to anyone without your permission.
  • We will use your details ONLY for important communication with you regarding the North Shore Salon of Photography.
  • All personal details we hold in our database are visible (to you only) in the website, and may be modified by you at will.


  • All possible care will be taken to safeguard print entries.
  •  No responsibility will be accepted for any damage or loss to entries during transit or exhibition.
  • The North Shore National Salon of Photography will not be liable for any claims relating from copyright or privacy infringements or disputes.